środa, 27 sierpnia 2014

Whatever it TATEs

Whoever has ever visited Tate Modern in London must recognize these walls. Besides Tate Modern there was another worth seeing piece of art that day. Saying "piece of art" I mean Serpentine Gallery and Marina Abramovic 512 hours performance. Three rooms, complete strangers, closed eyes, dead silence, sudden impenetrable deafness and your own thoughts. For me as a huge fan of Marina it was something big. And to be honest, she is even more beautiful in real life than in the photos.


dress - River Island // shoes - TOPSHOP // jacket - vintage // bag - Ania Kuczynska

photo: Maki Aki

poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014

My paper dress

Co powiecie na papierowa sukienke? Albo inaczej, co powiecie na wodoodporna papierowa sukienke? Jesli o mnie chodzi, to zawsze chcialam taka miec, a teraz moge w koncu pochwalic sie nia na blogu. Tyvek, bo tak nazywa sie material, z ktorej wykonana jest sukienka, jest materialem, ktory nie wymaga prasowania(gratka dla wszystkich tych nieco bardziej leniwych)!

How about a paper dress? What more, how about a waterproof paper dress? Well, I've always wanted to have one. Now I can finally show it off on my blog. Tyvek (because that's the name of the material this dress is made of) is a fabric you don't need to iron so it should be very convenient for all of the lazy ones! Paper dress styled with a summer boho hat and my lovely crocodile look alike leather flats, these all create perfect set, not only to shop in tesco, obviously :D

P.S. Kensington's white walls do match my outfit totally, don't they? #inlovewithken


dress - UEG via shwrm.pl // shoes - DOMODI.PL // watch - GUESS // hat - TOPSHOP

photo: Magda Limpa INSTAGRAM

środa, 23 lipca 2014

Sim Sala Bim

Recently, I don't have that much time to spend it on my blog as you've probably already noticed but today it was an another KTZ's day. Black and white prints completed with samurai bun. Get the London look!


dress - KOKON TO ZAI // shoes - sammydress.com //
photo: Magda Limpa INSTAGRAM